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The Cminus website is a simple URL shortening system that provides a way to shorten and also send your URL to different social media websites in multiple different ways.

You can use the form below to enter your long URL, and you'll receive a new shortened URL directly below. You can also use one of our simple APIs to send your long URLs directly to, and then submit them to your favorite social network. Try it out for yourself while you're here.

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News @ Cminus

** 02/23/2014 - A new CAPTCHA system has just been installed on the URL submit form for the Cminus shortener. This will only affect users who have Javascript OFF in their browsers. If you have JS turned ON in your browser you won't see the CAPTCHA or need to enter anything else, but if you have JS turned OFF you will need to enter the CAPTCHA correctly for your shortURL to be created.

** 02/21/2014 - Due to the large volumes of Spam-links, the Cminus website will be going through some changes. A new registration and member system will be implimented that will allow you to keep track of your URLs. There will also be a CAPTCHA installed on the front page to restrict the amount of Spam-links being posted. This new system will be implimented within the next two months.

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